Is theft no longer a crime in Zimbabwe?

EDITOR - It has recently come to my attention that government are offering dispossessed commercial farmers 60 percent compensation for the improvements on their farms in exchange for their title deeds.

I would like to question, why only 60 per cent? That was not the agreement, was it? The farmers I have heard about who have accepted this dubious offer are either elderly and or desperate. Is this not taking advantage of vulnerable people?

To make matters worse, many of the improvements on the invaded farms have been either stolen or destroyed.

Basically, if we take this to its logical conclusion, it means that if I go to a Minister's home and help myself to his or her luxury vehicle, plasma television and laptop computer I will get away scot free. Ten years or so down the line, after enjoying the fruit of my ill-gotten goods, I can offer to repay him 60 per cent of the worth of those goods and everything will be alright? That is theft! I though theft was a crime in Zimbabwe – or have I misunderstood something? Or does it only apply to ordinary citizens like myself – and not to members of a certain party?

The Marange diamonds with which God has blessed Zimbabwe should be used to compensate the victims of Gukuruhundi, Murambastvina, the land grab – both farmers and farm workers -business owners who lost untold millions through the ill-conceived price blitz and the printing of money that caused millions of lives to change forever. There are also the people who have lost homes, loved ones, been illegally arrested and tortured and so on. And what about the services we are forced to pay for that we never get, not to mention lost pensions and insurance policies, and income tax that is abused. The list is endless.

There is a scripture that says that one day you will throw your silver and gold into the street because it will not save you. Let that be a warning to the leaders who have used and abused their people. I believe that there will be a special judgment for those who have trampled on the heads of the poor. The greed of the few has cause the untold suffering of the millions. – NM, Harare

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