Landmine of sexual sin

The power of sex is the promise of immediate pleasure without immediate penalty. That is a false assumption. The truth of the matter is that outside of marriage, sex will always have penalties although some of them may be in the long term. There are many reasons why some people fall into sexual sin. One is the need for sexual pleasure and fulfilment; the need for intimacy cannot result in fulfilment without God or in disobedience to Him. Then there is also the need for acceptance.

This cannot be fulfilled by sex. Next is the need to conquer the opposite sex; victory is sweet; especially for males sexual conquest is winning a battle. In a marriage, if one spouse has been cheating, there is the Need for revenge against an unfaithful partner.

In the end this does not pay either since you both end up sorry or hurting. Some people argue that they engage in extra-marital sex in order to build self-esteem. This cannot be done by sex. How can sex help you to build your self esteem? I some cases, some spouses may engage in extra-marital sex for financial gain; misuse of one’s body for money or other material benefits.

The consequences of sexual sin are numerous. First there is self-condemnation – a sense of guilt that engulfs the spouse who will have committed adultery. There will also be considerable anxiety since the cheating spouse is afraid of being found out. People who indulge in the sexual sin will usually have a divided mind – the find themselves day-dreaming and struggle to concentrate on the task at hand.

They may also have a damaged self-esteem: feeling rotten. There is also a feeling of emptiness because it is temporary. Another consequence is disappointment followed by anger, depression and fear of future health and/or pregnancy.

There is always the fear of being found out, and so the cheat works very hard to hide evidence of having been with someone they are not married to. For Christian couples, the sex sin hurts your testimony and falsifies your ministry. It jeopardises your future and weakens the foundation of your marriage. It limits your usefulness for God.

The sexual sin can lead to the guilt of abortion which is murder. In this way it devastates your fellowship with God and makes your prayer life meaningless and very weak. In a marriage, the sexual sin creates mistrust in your spouse and results in serious insecurity.

There are several ways of preventing the sexual sin when you are married. You need to be committed to meet your spouse’s sexual needs. Some spouses seek satisfaction outside their marriages because they fail to get it at home.

You need to associate with good friends of the same sex and relate with them in a transparent manner. Christian couples know that they need to put on the whole armour of God (Ephesians 6:10). Married men need to guard their eyes (Prov. 4:25) because what a man sees has a huge influence on his actions.

A good Christian man will always be mindful of the consequences we discussed here. Avoid situations where you might be tempted to engage in sexual sin. Further, fill your mind with clean, godly and pure thoughts. Be careful what you read and watch, and even what you listen to.

But if you have already fallen into sexual sin you need to confess it specifically and repent. Ask for God’s forgiveness; Jesus said to the woman caught in the act, “Go and sin no more.” Remember, sexual sin is not the unpardonable sin. Take responsibility for your actions. Forgive yourself and reject the devil’s accusations. The Bible tells us to flee immorality. If the guilt continues seek Godly counsel.

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