Ongoing kombi wars: ship is really going down

A strange thing happened in Germany at the end of World War 2. Once Hitler had been defeated, it was very hard to find anyone who had ever supported him.

Of course, the victorious allies were ready to overlook some small things. The Russians, having killed off the German communists in the 1930s, needed secret police to help them set up a new dictatorship, so Gestapo and SS men all joined Stasi with no questions asked.

As those allies remembered their old differences, both sides wanted to recruit German scientists to build the weapons they would want for the next war. Again, these were recruited quietly and no questions were asked about their past.

The rest re-wrote their CVs, burned old uniforms and party cards and covered up as well as they could. It looks as if we may see something similar here. The ship that used to be Zanu (PF) is sinking, so all the rats are looking for ways to escape.

Economic power

The ongoing wars between the police and independent kombi owners tell us that the ship is really going down. As Chen Chimutengwende used to tell his disciples in his London 'revolutionary cell' in the '70s, political power has been a way to economic power.

Those who feel they haven't got enough of that to retire quietly are desperately grabbing all they can while they still can. The more they have to hide, the better prepared they are to hide it. Don't be surprised when you hear how many of them had nothing to do with Willowgate, Murambatsvina or even Gukurahundi.

We might even hear there never were many diamonds in Marange. Stranger things have happened. The leopards can't change their spots, but they've been buying nice sheepskin coats and wearing those will fool anyone who doesn't look too closely.

If it is true that the higher a rat stands in the pack, the better his escape and cover-up are prepared, then spare a little pity for the lowest level rats. As the ship sinks, they know they are locked in the hold and there's no room for them in the lifeboats.

Blood on their hands

They are the ones who got real blood on their hands; not the ones who planned the genocide of thousands, but the guys who killed a few people, raped a few more and were paid with a handful of mbanje.

Unfortunately, because they know they are cornered, they are still shouting the old slogans that the smarter rats are discarding. And they are the ones who are still beating people – because when a rat is cornered, all he can do is fight. They are probably making the most noise about indigenising businesses; the smarter rats bought or stole their way into business long ago and not many animals will foul their own nest.

Yes, spare some pity for the noisy rats in the holds and bilges, but avoid them on the street because they are still dangerous close up.

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