Police abuse sex workers

Prostitutes here have accused the police of abuse, while Zimbabwe Lawyers of Human Rights (ZLHR) has condemned the law enforcement agencies for taking advantage of the women.

"The police beat us, pour water on us and deny us food for as long as five days,” a sex worker admitted. "We are in this not by choice but because of circumstances, and when the police see us on the streets they beat us up and take us to jail. Failure to pay fines often results in further harassment or even rape.”

A ZLHR representative said the police had no right to abuse their position. "The police have no right under the constitution or any law to take advantage of women and sexually abuse them because there are loitering or suspected to be loitering for the purpose of prostitution," said ZLHR in a statement.

Police Assistant Commissioner, Wayne Bvudzijena, said that he would investigate the claims, but ZLHR said the perpetrators were unlikely to be charged.

"It is unfortunate to note that many women who have been raped and abused have not been able to access justice owing to an uncooperative police force that seeks to protect its own," said ZLHR.

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