The Church and Zimbabwe

EDITOR - Firstly I would like to thank you and your team for a very informative newspaper and for the wonderful centre supplement called Faith Matters that is printed in your 'Zimbabwean on Sunday.' It is, indeed, refreshing that a newspaper would have the maturity and courage to print God's word and the true gospel of Jesus Christ in a world where the truth has become murky to say the least.

I have long been praying, also, that God would expose the hidden agenda's and sin of our nation. I believe your newspaper has been used to this effect. The word of God teaches that everything that is whispered in secret will be shouted from the rooftops. Only when Zimbabwe, its leaders and the church in this nation are prepared to confess and open up will healing and restoration even begin to happen. We need broken and contrite hearts and instead we swagger, lie and are belligerent in our wrongdoings. Surely pride comes before a fall. Our arrogance is mindboggling.

My greatest concern is for the state of much of the church in our country. One of the greatest tragedies for the church is a spiritual blindness and the lack of discernment to even know that much of the church is deceived. For certainly, if the church in Zimbabwe was a true testimony to their Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, then many of our problems would be solved in ways no one would expect. A vast segment of the population including our political leaders go to church on Sunday and probably to a meeting or two midweek. I wonder what gospel they are sitting under? There is certainly no fruit in keeping with repentance! We are in an abominable state. Even the very church itself. We have been infiltrated by the prosperity message and worship mamon instead of God. I cry nearly every time I see a huge glossy banner advertising yet another 'superstar' of the pulpit. And nothing changes in Zimbabwe. In fact many things get worse.

People are following man and putting their faith and hope in the wrong place. My cry is that their eyes will be opened to see the truth of who and what they are following. For how can a man/woman go to church one day and batter and hate his fellow Zimbabwean the next? Something is very, very wrong. If we were in right standing with God in Christ Jesus then the fruit of that relationship would impact our wounded and bleeding nation. – NM, by e-mail

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