Centre-based polling system concerns

The electorate here has called on stakeholders to abandon the centre-based polling system as it would provide Zanu (PF) and its agents of terror an opportunity to identify and victimise voters suspected to have voted for Mugabe’s opponents.

The concern was raised at an MDC-T Mrewa North District rally held at the business centre last week.

“Zanu (PF) has already made it clear that unlike the previous ward-based voting system, the proposed centre polling system would leave people exposed to danger that could be even worse than June 2008. Villagers from across the district expressed their fears and suggested that a safer system be implemented.

“MDC formations in the inclusive government must consult with the vulnerable electorate, especially those in the rural areas, and come up with a people-friendly poling system. People also called on SADC and other bodies interested in free and fair elections to consider deployment of election observers and peacekeepers as a matter of urgency as Zanu (PF) was already on the war path,” said MDC-T Mrewa North District Main Chairperson and Parliamentary Candidate, Golden Mutize.

Mutize, who chaired the meeting, told the gathering that they should be alert and make their observations and concerns known to the powers that be.

“They must help to make the political playing field even for all participants. The coming election should produce a clear and undisputed outcome. Not a single life should be lost during or after the polls.”

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