CiZC’s community meetings

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition held community meetings in Yellow City on September 15, 2011 attended by 65 people and at Christ Church in Karoi, attended by 84 people.

The objective of the meetings was to mobilize citizens to actively participate in the referendum and future elections. The meetings were also aimed at providing a platform for civic input into the Electoral Amendment Bill ahead of the Parliament led public hearings scheduled to begin end of September in all 10 administrative provinces.

The Coalition team also took the opportunity to update participants on the constitutional reform process with participants urging the Coalition, other civic groups and political parties to denounce violence and call for peace ahead of elections.

The following issues emerged at the meetings:

1. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission should be independent and should compile a new voters’ roll with the exclusion of the deceased and an addition of new voters through a flexible registration mechanism.

2. International monitors and observers should be in Zimbabwe six months before and six months after elections.

3. Security forces including the Central Intelligence Organisation should not be directly involved in conducting elections and should abide by their core mandate of protecting citizens.

4. Soldiers deployed across the country should be recalled and confined to the barracks during elections.

5. The inclusive government should create a conducive environment for the participation of women in national processes such as elections and should ensure 50% representation of women in all decision making positions at both local and national levels.

Participants also urged each other to register ahead of any electoral process and to vote during the referendum or elections.

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