Confronting the Wiki truths

EDITOR - The Wiki conundrum was never about what the Americans think - it is about us accessing the views of our leadership. The good news is that they share our pain and frustrations. The bad news is that the revelation of their real views means they have betrayed their leader - who now has to accept the reality that he is on his own.

While the president is busy telling the Americans to ‘go hang’ most of those in his inner circle (while concurring with him in public) are busy canoodling with the same Americans in private.

The wiki revelations are the biggest political explosion since 1980. The scale of the problem is highlighted by the fact that even the president, who has a reputation of being ruthless when dealing with challenges, seems awestruck and is unsure about what to do.

For many years Zimbabweans have wondered why the president seemed to be out of touch with the views of the people. It has taken the cunning of the Americans for messages from the people to reach the president. The revelations from Wiki have confirmed that those closest to him have told him what he wanted to hear – not what the people were saying.

He is now alone – adrift at sea in a one-man canoe without a paddle clutching onto his Marxist principles that no one else wants. Those who pretend to be with him are putting on an act for fear of what the unpredictable president might do if he knew what their real thoughts were.

That Zimbabwe is fast approaching a crossroads is difficult to deny. The house’s frailties and the discord among the inhabitants might just be the reason why the president feels that bulldogs are needed not only to keep foreigners at bay but to force the inhabitants to pretend to be happy with each other.

The big question is why is it that those who share our frustrations are the ones in front of the queue to silence us? If senior members of Zanu (PF) want the president to retire, why are they not telling him so?

If we do not see major changes in the next few weeks, we have to anticipate that the December Zanu (PF) conference will be a much bigger event than we have seen in the past. – CHOMUSORO MUKURU, by email

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