Cultural village proposal

The Creative Arts and Educational development Trust is set to build a Cultural Village in Tsholotsho, in an attempt to promote the diverse cultures within the Tsholotsho inhabitants.

The village will be laid out in a traditional formation.
The village will be laid out in a traditional formation.

The region is home to three main ethnic groups: the KhoiSan, popularly known as Amasili, the Kalanga and the Ndebele.

The Cultural Village will be built at Dlamini next to the Mbuhulu Dam that was once used by the Khoisan people as their hunting ground. It will take a traditional form and will showcase the art, culture and traditional activities that the region is renowned for.

The village will engage in both visual and performance arts where members of the community will be offered opportunities to develop their artistic talent in drama, poetry and sculpture.

Davy Ndlovu, Director of the Creative Arts Trust, told ***The Zimbabwean that the village would celebrate the diversity of Tsholotsho’s culture and serve as a tourist centre.

"We want the village to serve as a centre for training people in cultural activities and local languages and to promote informal education," said Ndlovu.

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