Diasporans can help: economist

People living in Diaspora have the capacity to bring meaningful development to the country if they are given the opportunity to do so, a local economist and business analyst has said.

Lucas Sibanda made the comment during a business meeting held under the theme "Breaking barriers to economic development" which was attended by local business people.

Sibanda said the coalition government should target local business people living in the Diaspora and ask them to come back and help put the economy back on its tracks.

Speaking on the same event, Peter Kithman, a local consultant and adviser to Manicaland Business Forum, said Zanu (PF) should do away with investment laws that scare away investors as the country’s battered economy was in need of investment from abroad.

“The government should work collectively to craft laws that are friendly to foreign investors. They should find ways to lure back local investors living in the Diaspora to come and help in the reconstruction of the country. What the minister Kasukuwere is doing is uncalled for. His wings must be clipped because he is doing more harm than good. There is discord in the coalition," said Kithman.

"We have abundant investment areas in the country. The Chiadzwa diamond fields in Manicaland are being underutilised and here we have Mhangura copper mine and a lot of gold mines just lying idle. It’s not about where the investor comes from; there should be no politics in finding investors," Kithman said.

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