Hot El'Shaddai Voices now targeting Zim

A Zimbabwean gospel ensemble – El’Shaddai Voices, which is already a hit with Zimbabweans in neighbouring South Africa, is now planning to launch an intensive marketing drive back home.

El Shaddai Voices members
El Shaddai Voices members

The group, initially funded solely by its members, has also won favours from the corporate world, with a deal with a South African businessman already in the paperwork stage.

The 12-member group was formed in Johannesburg in 2009 and its membership comprises high school and university students and adults – who all members of the 12th Apostolic Church.

Last year, the group recorded its eight-track debut album – Sizomlandela (We will follow Him), which is already a hit in neighbouring South Africa, especially in Johannesburg, where the group is based and has performed various shows.

“We have made some strides in South Africa, where people bought many copies of our album and are still buying it, but we are yet to experience the same luck in Zimbabwe, where we sent some copies with our church members, we have not made the music directly to the public there,” said Thandi Nkala, who leads the group.

“We are now going to launch a marketing drive that will see us channel our music to Zimbabwe and other places outside South Africa. We recently sent some copies to the United Kingdom with our church members, but we have not been updated on how they are doing, but some radio stations like Jozi FM and Radio Mthwakazi have supported us by playing our music on air.”

Nkala added that the group was also targeting the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) in a bid to have its music played on air and market themselves back home as well.

The polished group has staged street shows and performed at various functions and in packed walls in Johannesburg, where it has received support from both Zimbabweans and South Africans alike, thereby boosting its album sales.

“We have performed mostly in places in and around Johannesburg – Soweto, Hillbrow Theatre, Orange Groove and Orange Farm, where we have always been well-received by the public. People love us very much and for a musical group, this can only be a good omen for future success,” added Nkala.

Spurred by the success of its first album, El’Shaddai Voices have recorded their second eight-track offering – Asimdumiseni (Let us praise Him), which is due for release in the next few weeks. Just like its predecessor, the second album is sung in Zulu, Ndebele and English.

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