International Day of Peace

EDITOR – We join the rest of the world in commemorating the International Day of Peace. We salute all individuals, organisations and governments that have committed resources and effort towards ensuring that peace prevails in the world. We are also indebted to our local organisations and movements that subscribe to the global message of peace.

As a youth organisation, we feel honoured by our involvement in peace campaigns.

We are very cognisant of the value of peace in national development and democratic processes. We therefore wish to challenge all Zimbabweans to respect and honour President Mugabe’s message of peace in the country.

As we approach the referendum, we call upon the people of Zimbabwe to respect and make a pledge for peace in the country. Zimbabweans should now begin to see elections as a democratic necessity and not a battle zone.

PYD believes peace is a critical element if Zimbabwe is to develop itself into a mature democracy that meets regional and international emulation.

We wish to raise concern over the lackadaisical manner in which COPAC is conducting its business at the Rainbow Towers. We believe the new constitution is a critical foundation of peace hence should be properly handled. We become worried when politicking and partisan tendencies become the order of the day even at the uploading stage.

PYD is increasingly worried that the organ on National Healing and Reconciliation and Integration has already thrown the towel and accepted failure when it was everyone’s hope that they were going to be engine for a once more peaceful Zimbabwe.

Lastly we feel betrayed by the current Indigenization and Empowerment drive which is being handled in a partisan manner by Minister Kasukuwere. Just recently the nation woke up to the news that marauding Zanu (PF) youths were grabbing buildings and businesses in Masvingo and Chiredzi in total defiance of the principles of peace.

The biggest question from young people is whether the Empowerment drive is genuine and if so how does Chisumbanje’s ethanol project fare noting that Billy Rautenbauch and Graeme Smith are all controversial investors? – PLATFORM FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT, by e-mail

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