Land audit resolution

City of Mutare mayor, Brian Lesley James, said the local authority had passed a resolution to carry out a comprehensive land audit which is expected to be completed in early 2012.

Brian James
Brian James

"We want to carry out an extensive land audit to determine who owns the land in the city and how it is being used," said James while addressing a stakeholders meeting in the city.

He said the council was in the process of sourcing funding for the exercise that would be put to tender soon. The MDC-T led council announced its intention to carry out a land audit when it was elected into office, but the move was met with resistance from business people linked to Zanu (PF) who had reportedly acquired vast tracts of land through dubious means. They were arguing that the move by the council would scare away potential investors.

However, James shot down this assertion, saying the project was not a `witch-hunt` but was aimed at assisting council in the drafting of the city’s master plan.

Stakeholders, including civic society organisations and Mutare Residents and Ratepayers Association said they supported the council initiative.

"The move by the local authority to carry out an extensive land audit is noble and anyone who is against the move has something to hide. People should just cooperate with the council for the sake of development," said one member.

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