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EDITOR - Leadership worldwide has become a great concern and Zimbabwe's leadership is no different.

Yesterday I went to the funeral of Keith's Nicholson, a neighbour who was shot near Banket whilst trying to save a friend who had been hijacked by armed robbers. I also heard yesterday that one of the robbers had been found dead in the bush on the Raffingora Road. He had also been shot.

On Sunday evening, the son of the man who bought my husband's farm on the North Coast of Natal was stabbed to death on his way home to the farm with his two-year-old child. The attacker has been arrested.

Having followed the utterances of our top politicians and leaders for many years, I am not surprised at this terrible culture of violence. The leaders of our nations seem to do their utmost to promote division and racial and tribal intolerance. They can never leave the past behind and constantly use warlike and inflammatory wording.

These are not leaders; these are destroyers. They encourage hatred, unforgiveness, bitterness, violence and murder. Where are the Madiba's? Surely Africa has not produced only a few of such wise and conciliatory men? But here I must give Moragn Tsvangirai his due. He endeavours to be a man promoting a non-violent solution. Even in the face of such personal suffering.

Our own President, Robert Mugabe, is on record as having said that he has degrees in violence. What sort of statement is that from the President of a nation? We challenge him to come to Zimbabweans and ask forgiveness for that statement. And we challenge him to approach his politburo and Central Committee and request that they too, ask for forgiveness for their careless and inflammatory. They have sown a wind and are reaping a whirlwind!

Just as perplexing is the debate in South Africa over the song, "Shoot the Boer". Who, with one iota of Godly wisdom, would ever even think of promoting such a song. It should be relegated to the ANC’s historical archives. The liberation is long over.

Men like Malema, who could be strong leaders, are abusing their energy and position and inflaming needy South Africans. Without total rebirth Malema, like some in Zimbabwe, are dangerous leaders.

My prayer is that God will raise up a Godly leader for Zimbabwe; a man after His own heart like King David. – NM, by e-mail

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