Lovemore Matombo not a ‘Messiah’

EDITOR - It appears as if the Anon letter writer in last week's paper is suggesting that Wellington Chibebe, the departed Secretary General of ZCTU, was not professional nor suitable for the job and did not consult on administrative matters. That is not true. The letter was obviously written by someone who does not know the structures, systems and policies of the organisation.

Lovemore Matombo
Lovemore Matombo

The General Council is a decision-making body. Terefore all problems and achievements belong to the entire leadership, including Lovemore Matombo and the Anon writer. I advise writer and Matombo that they should shut up because their utterances will not help the ordinary workers, except those who always want to fly out of the country for their own selfish gains.


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