Mugabe hijacks Chamisa’s e-govt plan

The President’s Office is believed to have hijacked ICT Minister Nelson Chamisa’s plans for an e-government. The dynamic young minister mooted the plan and drafted it in a strategy paper called ZimCONNECT that was tabled before Cabinet.

Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe

But President Robert Mugabe has now laid claim to the project, and officially launched it in the Cabinet Room at Munhumutapa Offices last month. Mugabe said the e-government programme, which focuses on modernising government systems and processes through the use of information and communication technologies, was part of the results-based management programme being implemented by the GNU.

There is much political capital to be made out of this project, and it has been transferred from Chamisa's ministry to the President's Office.

Chamisa has already parcelled out laptops to all cabinet ministers and their permanent secretaries, as well as Mugabe. He says he wants this to cascade down to the whole population. He recently defended his decision to give a laptop to self-styled war veterans leader Joseph Chonotimba, who gained notoriety during farm invasions.

“We are a government for everyone, we represent across the spectrum from the high end of society to the low end. Chinotimba represents our war veterans and we have to make sure that we empower them,” Chamisa said.

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