Mugabe’s rule made Chipangano possible: Sikhala

All efforts should be directed towards dethroning Mugabe from the presidency as his dictatorship has facilitated the creation of notorious gangs such as the Chipangano Youth Group, says MDC99 leader Job Sikhala.

Job Sikhala
Job Sikhala

The youths continue to cause havoc, while the police stand by – reportedly unable to touch them because of political patronage from the president.

“Chipangano is an off-shoot from Zanu (PF), so is the notorious self-styled war veteran, Joseph Chinotimba and dozens of other rogue personalities. There was no way anyone can deal with Chipangano in isolation from Mugabe. His type of government created Chipangano, so, deal with Mugabe and there would be no Chipangano. This is the reality we must live with”, said Sikhala in a recent interview.

He called on democratic forces to put everything in the fight against dictatorship if ever the nation was to live in peace.

“Surely how could MDC-T leadership climb down all the way from the highest party office to attack a small rogue group like Chipangano, when they were dinning with the trouble causer, Mugabe? They should take on Mugabe head on until Zimbabweans see peace. Once we will deal with Mugabe first and everything else under him would fall into place,” said Sikhala.

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