Ncube a coward

EDITOR – I would like to address the learned professor, Welshman Ncube: let me remind you of one thing, you are not a politician without Tsvangirai who pulled you from the classroom at the UZ where you were confined.

Welshman Ncube
Welshman Ncube

You are a coward who was just looking at Mugabe taking Zimbabwe to where it was before the GNU. So attacking our hero like that cannot go unchallenged.

One does not need to be a constitutional law professor in order to be a national leader.

It only takes wisdom, talent, courage, the ability to identify talents and capabilities and deploy them where they are relevant for the benefit of our nation.

To say Tsvangirai does not have enough education to lead the country truly shows us how much you want to use your education to misrepresent facts. You want us to believe that all who put their trust in Tsvangirai are blind and uneducated. If you were President, you would not take any advice from anyone. What a shame! – LOVEMORE CHIKANDIWA, Pretoria

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