Police assault students

Police officers called to quell a fight at St Paul’s Mission in Murewa last week have been accused of viciously assaulting the O and A level students involved.

Witnesses say that on Saturday night the students started a fight that the school authorities were unable to contain. The police were called, but onlookers said they had been drinking.

"A fight broke between A and O level students. The Headmaster Richard Hlombe and the senior teacher Gibson Pasirayi brought in police officers who were very drunk.

“Constable Chikaka assaulted students using a belt and several students got injured and were taken to hospital," said a source who witnessed the event.

School authorities confirmed the incident.

“It’s true that students fought on Saturday and we called the police. One student was beaten and sustained injuries. At the moment the school father is looking into the matter,” said a source within the school.

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