Reducing the chances of rape

The police statistics which indicate that at least 124 girls were raped during the first two weeks of September 2011 are cause for serious concern. It makes you wonder what sort of country we are becoming. Stories of a father raping his own daughter, or a brother raping his own sister, or a son raping his own mother, have been reported in the media in this country.

Have we become so promiscuous that we have now sunk to the level of animals? In this instalment we briefly discuss some of the methods that parents and families may utilise to reduce the chances of their loved ones being raped by evil people out there and in their own homes.

It is unfortunate that some of the rapists that have been reported and convicted have turned out to be relatives and guardians of the very children that they raped. It is also true that a huge amount of rape cases go unreported as they occur within family settings: Chakafukidza dzimba matenga.

It is therefore imperative for parents that have young girl children to ensure that they do not subject their children to unnecessary exposure to strangers and distant relatives of dubious character. Smart families will not allow worthless and aimless men to hang around their homes for no good reason. This should apply even to relatives of both the wife and the husband.

We know of a family whose daughter was raped by the husband’s young brother over a long period of time, and the parents were not aware of this until the daughter eventually told them long after the abuse had stopped. The opposite sex is equally to blame sometimes. The wife’s young sister who comes to your home too often, or actually stays with you for no good reason can be a serious temptation to the husband and other male relatives living with or near you. Your children may need to be protected from your own relatives as well as from total strangers.

It is also important that your girl children should always dress sensibly, and not in an inviting sort of way. We know that the fashion these days is for ladies to wear low-cut tops which partially expose the breasts. To some men, this is too much to resist, especially if they are left alone with the half-naked teenage girl. The Bible instructs women to dress modestly for good reason. This is a battle most of us parents have fought and lost already.

What we are reading in the papers may be partly caused by this fashionable dressing. Girl children need to be trained quite early in life that they should not be touched on certain parts by boys and men. This needs to be drilled into them as well as how to resist such moves. They must also be advised to report all incidents of such bad behaviour to their parents as soon as possible.

Parents need to know that there are many demons that are operating in this country as a result of the work of Satanists and other agents of the devil. It is possible to ensure that your children are safe from the work of these evil elements by consistently and regularly praying for your children. As parents, we do not have the capability of protecting our children from all evil at all times. But we also know that our God is able to keep them very safe from the wiles of the evil one. Make it a habit to pray for your children and surround them with the hedge of protection at the beginning of each blessed day. God bless your children.

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