Songstress a goodwill ambassador

The United Nations Children’s Funds has appointed singer Prudence Mabhena as National Goodwill Ambassador for children living with disabilities.

“This appointment is in recognition of her bold endeavours to use her vocal talent to speak on behalf of millions of Zimbabwean children. Her voice has provoked positive actions for children and has helped UNICEF’s work in Zimbabwe move forward,” UNICEF country Representative Dr Peter Salam told delegates gathered to witness the official launch of the National Plan for Orphans and Vulnerable Children.

Accepting the recognition Mabhena said: “I am truly humbled by this appointment and accept the responsibilities which follow with this recognition”.

The young singer songwriter was born into a society where disability carries the taint of witchcraft. Her story is the story of many disabled kids in Africa; a story of abandonment and abuse. But Prudence and her seven young band members, all disabled, have managed to overcome stereotypes and inspire the same people that once saw them as a curse.

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