Stop blaming colonialists

EDITOR - Oh dear, yet another article, this time by Sabelo Gatsheni-Ndlovu, trying to give reasons why the present disastrous state of our country is not the fault of the people therein.

The majority of our people elected their own choice of Government in a democratic election in 1980 having been given independence by Britain. Whatever the faults of the colonialists, there is no denying that in 1980 a rich, prosperous and viably economic country had been developed.

Where are the records of massacres, wholesale torture, maiming and killing alleged to have been perpetrated by the Colonials? There are certainly any number of recorded testimonies of massacres never mind torture, rape, murder and shocking violation of youth perpetrated in “free” Zimbabwe by the peoples’ elected members of Government.

If, as claimed, the violent actions of the people in Government were learned from the Colonials, how is it that the remainder of the population did not take advantage of the similar training they must have received to overthrow the Government violently many years ago?

The writer is honest enough to admit that under Colonial rule, he, his family and his clan enjoyed the luxury of owning many cattle and fields where they engaged in farming. He states they were poor – one would imagine they were comparatively rich compared with rural Zimbabweans these days. He was still given an education by his parents in the very educational establishments put in place by the Colonials.

Ignoring his academic meanderings around world universities, it would be interesting to know where he received his early education and his place of birth. His name points to an Ndebele connection – where the worst massacre of all was perpetrated on the people not by British Colonials but by the North Korean trained 5th Brigade troops.

The former rulers of our country cannot forever be lumbered with the blame of happenings in Zimbabwe that have arisen, as stated, because of the misguided peoples’ vote for what we had sadly been led to believe would provide not only “freedom” but uncurtailed prosperity and benefits . It was to be, unfortunately for our country, the one and only truly democratic vote we were to enjoy for the next 32 years under a dictatorial African Government. – PAX, Harare

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