Teachers take govt to task over leave

Teachers have taken the government to task over the public service resolution not to allow teachers to go on leave after freezing teaching posts this year.


They are bitter that the government is depriving them of their right to leave in order to minimize costs, while failing to cut off the ghost workers revealed by an audit that officials continue to sit on.

Takavafira Zhou, President of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe, said the courts had last week granted their appeal against the decision to suspend leave.

“We are now going to serve the government with legal papers over the unlawful decision,” he said.

“The government decision was unlawful. It is banditry not to allow workers to go on leave without consulting them,” added Zhou.

Teachers interviewed said that the government should complete the civil service audit.

Though not yet established, it is estimated that the country has 75 000 ghost workers who are weighing heavily on the treasury.

Last year’s audit to establish the facts is still to be made public amid stiff resistance from Zanu (PF) politicians.

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