Toll gate shame

EDITOR - Ruwa has suffered enough, a toll gate would make things even worse for us.

We went through the past decade without water, we have massive electricity problems, transport problems and human rights abuses. The proposed toll gate is the last thing we need. I thought the government would be considering making life easier for the residents of Ruwa.

We need buses that go to Ruwa to help us with our transport problems. We also have a railway line so we need reliable trains that take us to and from work every day

We need government schools for the children that stay in Windsor Park and Zimre Park. We need a community clinic and a well equipped government hospital to cater for our health needs. We do not need an increase in kombi fares due to the toll gates.

We are already poor and transport money is already a problem for us. We also do not want to arrive to work late because we were queuing at a toll gate in order to go to Harare.

Before the government thinks of putting a toll gate in Ruwa, a struggling community, I suggest that they put one between Borrowdale and town. Surely if the issue is about raising revenue, there is no need to suck everything out of the poor. The government should target the rich first. – CHIEDZA SIMBO, Ruwa

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