UK ‘rioters’ spoilt

EDITOR - I wonder if Diana Conyers would be so kindly inclined towards the pathetic British trouble makers if she had suffered her business and home destroyed by wanton arson and looting?

From all reports the vast majority of UK citizens were visibly shocked at such barbarous behaviour and no wonder. People, who live in countries terrorised by Governments with the support of Police and Army, could explain what life is like living in an undemocratic country and they, too, were shocked that such irresponsible rioting could take place in UK.

The comparison of the London riots with "protests" in other countries being supported by the British Government is hardly plausible. It is a mistake to assert that action which wins the support of democratic Governments is a "protest". The people concerned are certainly not "protesting" – they are forced to take the action of risking their lives to overthrow dictatorial and abusive governments. This is the reason they have the support of the British Government.

In the case of Zimbabwe, the articles in The Zimbabwean are not figments of the imagination of the reporters. This is one paper which exposes the corruption, intimidation and shocking treatment of its own people by an undemocratically elected Government.

The problem in UK is that their citizens have been completely spoiled to the extent that many of them live far above their means, having been encouraged to live on credit. The youth who complain about being marginalised have enjoyed free education, the care of a fantastic health system and a general high standard of living denied to half the world.

If these incredible rights have resulted in their being unable to make their way in life, then they only have themselves to blame. One can sit back and criticise those apparently better off than oneself and sink into self pity or seek to emulate such go-ahead people and make a success of one's own life. Envy achieves nothing.

If one wishes to find a reason for this unacceptable behaviour by young people, one could validly blame the parents who obviously have no control over their offspring and possibly because of such failure by parents, there is probably now a need for more Youth Help Groups to hopefully instill necessary discipline and encourage such youngsters to realise the error of their actions and adopt a more responsible attitude to life and the community.


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