Vendors make CBD their home

Chased from his market stall in Mbare by the now-notorious Chipangano group, Paul Majairira has left his home and business and is trying to break new ground in the city centre.

Vendors under threat from Chipangano have fled to the capital to find work.
Vendors under threat from Chipangano have fled to the capital to find work.

“I lost business at Mbare and now I am an illegal vendor in Harare. I am scared to go back because Chipangano has taken over everything, including our offices,” said Majairira.

The Zimbabwean met scores of vendors who are now plying their trade in the streets of the Central Business District, but many were to scared to speak up in fear that they might be found.

“You cannot print my name for I will be targeted when I go home. I have lost everything and do not wish to lose more,” said one vendor.

Chipangano members are bona fide Zanu (PF) supporters who have, over the past few weeks, caused untold suffering for the people of Mbare and surrounding suburbs.

According to the Crisis Coalition, the Zanu (PF) vigilantes invaded Glen View on Wednesday and divided council land between themselves. They then demanded a fee of $1,500 from those who did not belong to the mainstream Zanu (PF).

Partisan police

Last week in a statement on the Rule of Law in Zimbabwe, the United States embassy said that it was concerned by what it described as continued partisan bias on the part of the law enforcement officers.

“The unrestrained show of violence and extortion along political lines around Harare by the Zanu (PF) allied Chipangano gang fosters an unacceptable environment of fear and intimidation and that will only perpetuate violence,” reads the statement.

Even though President Robert Mugabe has condemned violence nothing has been done to Chipangano.

“Many people are scared of Chipangano, we cannot go and challenge them in Mbare or anywhere because they have the blessing of the police,” said another vendor.

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