Vigil protests lack of progress

No sooner did the Vigil speculate last week about a meeting between beleaguered Mugabe and American Ambassador Charles Ray than confirmation was forthcoming.

‘Just finished a pleasant one-hour chat with President Mugabe’, Ray posted. He was ‘mentally alert and engaging’ and I wished him a good trip to the UN General Assembly. Ray added ‘no discussion of Wikileaks, no rants’.

But Vigil supporters have an advance from the next engrossing batch of Wikileaks: ‘Is there anyone I can trust?’ Mugabe asked the American Ambassador. ‘Is it true about Grace and Gono, about Moyo and Mujuru . ..’

We understand that Mugabe asked Ray for advice on Attorney-General Tomana’s plan to take the EU to court for their “illegal sanctions” which he says have plunged Zimbabwe into such a desperate situation that it is now 234 out of 237 in the world’s poverty ratings.

Ray said ‘You may have a small problem here. Tomana argues that sanctions violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ provision that no one should be arbitrarily deprived of his or her property. But perhaps some of the people relieved of their farms and businesses might argue the same’.

Anyway those of us at the Vigil battling with our tarpaulin against the drenching rain didn’t have much to celebrate on the third anniversary of the signing of the GPA. There has been no progress towards implementing the GPA that we can detect – even the promised SADC contribution to activate the moribund JOMIC has failed to materialise.

The Zim Vigil band reflects our frustration with lack of progress in their latest postings of two new protest song videos (Shungurudza and Zimbabwe Blood Diamonds) on youtube ( and

FOR THE RECORD: 83 signed the register.

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