Zanu youths grab car parks

Zanu (PF) youths have been accused of taking over the ownership of car parks in the high density suburbs of Kuwadzana, Warren Park and Westlea, among others, under the disguise of indigenisation and empowerment.

In Westlea suburb, the invasion is said to have been orchestrated by the losing Zanu (PF) councillor known as Regina. She has allegedly appointed her son to run the car park and the families who were previously responsible for its upkeep are unemployed and struggling financially.

“They (Zanu (PF) youths) just came over night and declared that they were the new

owners without giving us any form of compensation,” a former car park owner said. “If one is Zanu (PF), it means that he is more Zimbabwean than the rest of us, and can do whatever he deems necessary. Empowerment should benefit all Zimbabweans not a group of elitists who are on self-enriching projects.”

In Kuwadzana, the youths reportedly demanded ‘protection fees’ in the months running up to the take over. One youth leader who claimed to be at the helm of the car park management said their behaviour was line with government empowerment.

“We are taking over because as youths we need to be empowered and this is one way of empowering ourselves. We will not budge,” said the youth.

The youths have erected the Zanu (PF) flag at a car park in Warren Park to show their allegiance to the party. Car owners have accused the youths of collecting car park fees but not guarding their cars.

Harare’s Zanu (PF) youth Chairman, Jimmy Kunaka, professed ignorance about the car park invasions, but said the so-called indigenization and empowerment activities were non-reversible.

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