Zim to host Mauritius Buyers/Sellers Expo

Enterprise Mauritius, a trade and promotion organisation, is holding a three-day Buyers and Sellers Expo and Conference for business executives in Harare.

Its major aim is to facilitate "joint ventures and inward buying missions between Zimbabwe and Mauritius".

Mauritius is one of the success stories in the SADC region while zimbabwe is currently rebuilding its tattered economy after years in the economic doldrums. The Expo is being held as from October 10 to 14.

The Expo's Manager, Yvone Gundu, said: "Enterprise Mauritius is a trade promotion organisation resulting from a collaborative partnership between the Mauritius public and private sectors who will be in Zimbabwe for a three-day 'Buyers and Sellers' meeting, Business to Business, contact promotion programmes and conference."

Enterprise Mauritius facilitates joint ventures and inward buying missions worldwide. "Trade promotions is, therefore, inviting the local business to come and share with their Mauritius counterparts," Gundu said.

An businessman from Mauritius who was in Zimbabwe, said their intention was to establish and foster trade relations between his country and Zimbabwe, hence the strong drive to hold the "Buyers/Sellers Expo" in Zimbabwe.

Sectors targeted for the Buyers/Sellers Expo include textiles, clothing and garments, printing, light engineering, health, tertiary education and Information Technology.

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