Zim to recognise Libyan NTC?

The African Union has now recognized the National Transitional Council as the de facto government of Libya, much to the embarrassment of the Zimbabwean government, which made a diplomatic gaffe by rushing to expel Libyan diplomats who had transferred their allegiance from deposed dictator Muammar Gaddafi to the new regime.


The AU recognised the NTC yesterday after receiving guarantees, among them assurances on the safety of black migrant

workers as well as a pledge to “give priority to national unity and to bring together all Libyan stakeholders, without any exception,” to rebuild the country.

Some of the most powerful nations in Africa, including Nigeria and South Africa, have already recognised the NTC. Zimbabwe is expected to come into line soon, but relations with Libya are likely to remain frosty following Harare’s outrageous behaviour towards the diplomats at a time when it was quite clear that Gaddafi had been ousted.

At the time, President Robert Mugabe dismissed the Libyan uprising as a “false revolution engineered Western powers keen to control the country's oil”.

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