A constitutional right to ARV’S farfetched

There is still hope of finding a cure for HIV/AIDS and the campaign by people living with HIV/AIDS to have a special mention in the new Constitution might not be what Zimbabwe actually needs.

It is true that Zimbabwe has not yet conquered the fight against HIV/AIDS and there is need for people living with HIV/AIDS to access free ARV’s. However, a specific mention of them in the Constitution might be farfetched.

What will happen to that constitutional provision when we manage to find a cure for HIV/AIDS? Although the Zimbabwean Constitution has been amended more than enough times already, it cannot be drafted with a view to amending it.

Scientists are still working hard to finding a cure for HIV/AIDS and what is important now if for people with HIV/AIDS to have access to health care, be it in the form of free ARV’s or otherwise. Also, HIV/AIDS is not the only incurable illness. What is needed is for the Constitution to provide for access to health care for everyone in Zimbabwe.

The new Constitution should contain access health care as a socio-economic right. – This in response to the article entitled ‘The right to ARV’s’ published in the Zimbabwean on Thursday 6 October, 2011 which stated that ‘people living with HIV/AIDS want access to anti-retroviral treatment enshrined in the new Constitution as a right for all’

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