AB Communications bids for radio licence

The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe on 25 October 2011 convened the third of its four scheduled public hearings for prospective free-to-air radio licensees with AB Communications appearing before the Authority.

Tafataona Mahoso
Tafataona Mahoso

The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ), chaired by Dr Tafataona Mahoso is expected to conduct one more public hearing.

The BAZ panel which was constituted in terms of the Commissions of Inquiry Act and the Broadcasting Services Act section 10 (8) comprised commissioners: Dr Tafataona Mahoso, Chief Gambiza, Colonel Reuben Mqwayi, Mrs Erica Mususa, Dr Vimbai Chivaura, Charity Moyo, Dr. Chada, Edward Dube, Rev. Mutuvira and Eng. Muganyura.

Supa Mandiwanzira and Quinton Green made presentations before the public inquiry in their capacity as representatives of the proposed Zi fm sterio under the AB Communications stable. The duo touched on numerous issues that included the mission, vision, technical, marketing, and financial projections as part of their business plan.

The question of corporate governance was among the issues raised as to whether the fact that Mandiwanzira, with a majority shareholding of 70% (who would also be the CEO of Zi fm sterio) would not be tempted to view this as a personal project and disregard the opinions of the minority shareholders.

Mandiwanzira said this did not pose any challenges as the law only restricted content percentages and not ownership or entrepreneurship. He further observed that one did not have to look far in this respect as we had a local situation where government had 100% ownership of four radio stations and two television stations.

Commissioner Mususa also quizzed Mandiwanzira on whether the shareholding arrangement was not potentially calamitous in the event that the majority shareholder decides to pull out after being granted the licence.

The other issue raised was whether Mandiwanzira, having an absolute majority in terms of shareholding was not bound to compromise the running of the radio station given his declared political interest as alleged in some quotas of the media.

The last public hearing for Radio VOP is scheduled for 27 October 2011 at 09.00 hrs. MISA-Zimbabwe calls on members of the public to attend these public hearings to make their own contributions, objections and interventions.

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