BCC eyes China

The City Council is set to spread its wings wider in an attempt to bring development to the city. A delegation from South Korea will visit next week, at a cost to ratepayers of $6,196.

According to the latest council minutes, a delegation from the South Korean city of Pohang was set to tour the city between 18 and 20 October. A return visit would be held later this year, and a twinning arrangement would be discussed.

Bulawayo is already twinned with the Municipality of Durban in South Africa.

“Pohang City, one of South Korea’s most populous cities, is interested in twinning with the city of Bulawayo. Pohang City is an economic city, home to the iron and steel giant, POSCO Engineering, which is one of the world’s third largest steel making companies. It is also one of the populous cities in South Korea with a population of about 500 000,” reads part of the letter sent to BCC by the South Korean embassy.

During the tour the delegation will also visit Matobo National Park among other strategic sites and around the city.

The mayor, Thaba Moyo, said a lot was being done in marketing the city and said his council would continue working round the clock to ensure effective development of the city through creating a working relationship with strategic cities in the world.

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