BCC gives land to lodges

The city council here has signed over land for the construction of more hotels and lodges in the city, a move meant to cater for the growing number of tourists visiting, an official has said.

Councillor Thaba Moyo
Councillor Thaba Moyo

Councillor Thaba Moyo said their main aim was to create a hospitable environment for visitors and tourists.

“Our current master plan has allocated land for development of hotels and lodges, to cater for the anticipated growth in the tourism sector. In addition, several housing initiatives will be implemented next year to address the accommodation challenges that are affecting the city,” said Moyo.

The mayor further applauded the government for its recent declaration of the city as a Special Industrial Zone, saying such moves would not only help revive the city’s industries, but would largely develop the city.

“The disbursement of the $40 million distressed companies fund should also go a long way towards the re-capitalisation of industries in the city. It is these and other ongoing programmes that will positively influence the development of our city,” said the mayor.

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