Boreholes vandalized

More than 80 percent of boreholes donated by UNICEF in Budiriro, Glen Norah and Glenview have been vandalized, raising concerns of another cholera outbreak.

“Glen Norah has no water most of the time and people have to wake up around two o’clock in the morning if they are to get any water from the taps. What is painful is that besides being erratic, the little water that comes out of the tap produces a pungent smell and is tainted with algae,” said a Glen Norah resident. “We always treat the water we get from the taps with purifying tablets donated by UNICEF because if we drink it untreated there is a high likelihood of suffering from cholera, diarrhoea or dysentery.”

The Harare Residents Trust, a pressure group that lobbies for fair treatment of residents and the provision of adequate services by the Harare City Council, bemoaned the destruction of boreholes and called on the council to provide policemen to man the boreholes at night.

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