Children bring water to school

School children here have to bring their own water to school as the only borehole in the area has gone for weeks without repair.

Nkazhe School in Masholomoshe village, has not been producing water for three weeks, putting severe strain on local people.

“We were told by the authorities that the school has no power over the maintenance of the only borehole in this village and we have to bring our own water,” said one student on the way to school.

A teacher at the school told The Zimbabwean that due to the acute water crisis, some members of staff were ordering students to bring them water to drink.

“This area is generally hot during this time of the year. So teachers have resorted to asking children to supply them with water,” she said.

A top official at the District Development Fund offices said the problem had gone for so long due to resource problems.

“Everyone wants to help that institution. However, we are literally stuck because there are no spare parts to attend to the borehole problem,” said the official.

A cholera outbreak is feared if the situation is not addressed soon

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