Christ our Life

One of the main objects of the Holy Spirit is to get believers focused and centred on Christ, as a day by day living experience, and to make His risen life real in their own walk.

As this age moves towards its end and fulfilment with the second appearing of Christ, two features will become increasingly evident. On the one hand things, men, movements and organisations, will pre-dominate and draw multitudes after them. On the other hand, with a growing disappointment in these, a minority will turn to the Lord Himself to find Him alone as their life.

The world will separate into three groups on account of Christ. One group will deny Christ, this being the principle of the Anti-Christ. The second is the alternative Christ, man-made Christianity, an imitation life born and carried by its own momentum. The third will be a deep and genuine quest for reality, truth and inward knowledge of the Lord Himself.

If the Christian is attached to something, such as a teaching, a tradition, an institution, a movement or a person the end result will certainly be a limitation of life, confusion, disappointment and perhaps even worse. True “Life” comes only from Jesus Christ only who stated “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”.

The true work of the Holy Spirit is to bring every person to the place where they acknowledge that Christ is their life, that he is everything to them. We are not strong in ourselves nor in others, nor in things but in Christ alone.

The only sufficiency is in the Lord Himself as our life. Barnabas, in Acts 11:23, exhorts believers that with purpose of heart we should cleave to the Lord. Christ must be our life!

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