Cotton farmers form association

Communal cotton farmers here have formed an association meant to push for viable prices in the forthcoming season.

When this year's cotton buying season began, the government gazetted $1 per kg as the producer price, up from last year’s $0.50 cents. However, the companies were buying cotton on prices that ranged between $0.70 cents and $0.90 cents.

Chief Chireya of Gokwe North, described the prices as unfair, saying some companies had not been consistent in upholding the government’s gazetted price. He indicated that the association, whose membership is be made up of small communal cotton farmers, would be used as a formal body to lobby for better prices.

"What we want is to ensure that there is a representative body that will speak for the cotton farmers and this association will be mandated to do that," he said.

In the past the cotton farmers have advocated for the formation of auction floors for their produce in order that they be given power to decide on prices instead of having buyers dictating to them.

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