Death penalty ungodly: former judge

Former High Court Judge Justice Simpson Mutambanengwe has described capital punishment as ungodly and also decried the political violence in the country.

Matambanengwe, who sent several people to the gallows in his tenure as judge, delivered a powerful message at a workshop organized in Harare to talk about the death sentence.

“‘Thou shalt not kill’ those are the words of God and I am a creature who must obey those words,” said Mutambanengwe, who is now the head of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, the body charged with presiding over elections in the country.

Zimbabwe is yet to decide whether the death sentence should be part of the supreme law. However, Mutambanengwe said that there is no need to debate the death penalty as it is the law of God that was given to Moses.

“Zimbabwe is duty bound to obey the word of God and it is therefore not a matter of opinion. It is a matter of faith and obedience, life is sacred,” said Mutambanegwe.

Mutambanengwe added that Zimbabwe should obey every word of God who gave the country the freedom that it is enjoying today.

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