Deputy PM flies home

EDITOR - Can you imagine the Deputy Prime Minister of a country living in a neighbouring country and flying to work every week at the expense of that country's taxpayers?

And what if that Deputy Prime Minister had no people's mandate, and belonged to no political party.

"Rubbish!" "Impossible!" I can almost hear your readers' outrage. Well that is the state of play right now within Zimbabwe's so-called Government of National Unity.

Former student leader robotics expert and Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe Arthur Mutambara lives in the posh Sandton suburb of Johannesburg with his wife and two kids, but flies to the country's capital city Harare every Monday to do his job. Every Friday evening he flies back home to South Africa.

Although the aforementioned is likely to raise howls of laughter down at the local pub in UK, I am sure impoverished Zimbabweans gathered outside their local bottle stores won't find it so amusing. – MIKE ROOK, Johannesburg

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