Diplomatic niceties

EDITOR - It was in December 2007 that Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, cut up his dog collar on live British television in protest over Robert Mugabe's rule of Zimbabwe. He said he would refuse to wear the Anglican symbol of office until Mugabe was no longer in power; one must assume he is still collarless.

Almost four years later, his more senior cleric, a smiling Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams, is in Zimbabwe's capital city shaking hands with the dictator, after handing him a dossier on abuses inflicted on Anglicans in Zimbabwe. Just down the road from the Mugabe-Williams photo shoot, the perpetrator of those very same abuses, self-styled Archbishop Nolbert Kunonga, convened a press conference at the Anglican Cathedral at which he said: “Williams coming will not make the CPCA (Church Province of Central Africa) get in the church buildings. Look, we are here in the Cathedral and they are meeting at the Sports Centre. I am the owner of this (ndini muridzi wazvo). Gandiya is showing off with a white man and I do not care. This is not the end of Kunonga,” he boasted.

By calling Williams a civil servant representing neo-colonialism and suggesting he comes to "lobby for homosexuality" Kunonga knows he holds the high ground. Kunonga is in total control of all the church’s assets and funds. He has openly declared his support for Robert Mugabe and has been given a farm as reward.

Really, Dr Williams, do you seriously believe that such diplomatic niceties will make a scrap of difference? – MIKE ROOK, ¬by e-mail

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