Doping: Coventry backs Olympic Committee

Zimbabwe’s biggest hope for a medal haul in next year’s Olympic Games, Kirsty Coventry, has hailed the International Olympic Committee’s firm stance to minimise doping during the showcase.

Kirsty Coventry
Kirsty Coventry

Last weekend Coventry was among more than 100 athletes from five continents that took part in discussions on topics ranging from the IOC’s Athlete Career Programme to athletes’ entourage, betting, gambling and anti-doping.

This was during the fifth IOC International Athletes’ Forum in the United States.

IOC suggested a life ban for athletes caught using performance-enhancing drugs ahead of next year’s Olympics.

“I am backing the IOC fully, on keeping drug cheats out of the Olympics. We have to keep our sports clean,” Coventry said from the US.

The Olympics have in previous years been marred by drug cheats. IOC reacted by stripping such athletes of their titles, punishment which critics said was not deterrent enough.

Meanwhile, Coventry is intensifying preparations for the Olympics, which kick off in London in less than a year.

She said preparations were progressing well in Monaco, where she is based following an invitation by that country’s royal family.

“It is almost two weeks since I have been in Monaco. I have been able to swim everyday without any distractions and I am focused in training. I am feeling fit and healthy,” the Harare-born world champion said from Monaco.

Princess Charlene, the wife of Albert II, Prince of Monaco, a former Olympic swimmer and a friend of Coventry’s, invited her to train in Monaco.

Coventry welcomed the gesture, saying preparing in the small country would minimise distractions.

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