Fit to fat and back again

A personal trainer in the US has spent six months pigging out and eating junk food - to help him better understand fat clients.

Drew Manning says he was fed up of hearing people tell him he didn't know what it was like to be fat and suffer cravings, reports Newslite..

So the ripped 30-year-old decided to embark on a year-long experiment in which he aims to go from fit to fat and back again.

So far, he's done the easy part. He gained an incredible five stone through an arduous regime of no exercise and eating a diet of chips, soda and pizza.

Describing his weight gain plan, he said it was: "No exercise and eating the typical American diet: Chips, juice, cereal, soda, pizza etc.

"It was fun at first to eat whatever I wanted, but the ramifications and how my body feels is definitely not fun."

As for how he will get his body back, Mr Manning explains: "It's more diet then exercise. I'm just going to change my diet for the first month and then start exercise."

"I'm a little afraid that it'll take longer then I hope just because I gained more weight then I planned but I know with my determination and everyone's support it'll happen."

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