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Knox freed

Amanda Knox, the American woman jailed in Italy for killing her British roommate has had her conviction and jail sentence overturned on appeal. She was expected to return straight home. He co-accused was also acquitted.

Slavery charges

British police have arrested a 51-year-old man on 11 slavery charges after a raid on land in Great Billington last month. During the raid 24 men were found living in cramped conditions. This is the second such raid in a month.

Long-awaited return

Namibian tribal leaders have collected remains of their ancestors from Berlin. The 20 skulls of those killed under German occupation during the 1900s were used for scientific experiments.

Opposition forms

Opposition groups in Syria , which protested against maladministration, claim to have formed a breakaway government. The committee said local candidates have been sourced and a presidential body will soon be formed.

Chavez recovering

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who has recently undergone cancer treatment in Cuba, has denied he is sick, declaring “I’m here”. A newspaper reported last week he was taken to hospital for “complications”.

Tourists banned

Famous for their sale of cannabis, Dutch coffee shops have begun to ban tourists. Foreigners from outside Germany and Belgium will be prohibited from the Maastricht’s establishments. The region attracts 2.2 million visitors a year.

Bizarre crash

Australian authorities are investigating how an ultra light plane became entangled in a Ferris wheel. Four people were trapped but no injures reported. It’s unclear whether there was permission for the ride to be near the runway.

Mandela’s return to spotlight

The granddaughters of former South African president and global icon Nelson Mandela will star in an American reality programme, which will follow the lives of the women, aged 27-34, through their lives in Johannesburg.

Hinckley’s freedom bid

John Hinckley, the man who tried to kill former US president Ronald Reagan, is asking a court for freedom to live with his aging mother. In court, the prosecution said he remained a threat to the community.

ISI plot accusation

Afghanistan’s interior minister accused Pakistan’s intelligence officers of involvement in the death of the country’s peace council chairman. Foreign minister of the neighbouring country said they were “baseless allegations”.

Typhoon double

The Philippines was hit by its second typhoon in a week on Sunday. Typhoon Nalgae lost strength but still has wind gusts of up to 130kph prompting evacuations. Dozens were killed in a typhoon last week.

Pirate abduction

Somali gangs have kidnapped a severely disabled French woman from Kenya last weekend, according to authorities. Kenyan security minister said the woman in her 60s was taken from Manda Island to Somalia.

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