I am innocent: Chibaya

Former MDC Deputy Youth Chairman and Mkoba legislator, Amos Chibaya, said the charges of assault he is facing are trumped up and delays in his discharge are worrying.

In a matter that is before the courts, the politician is being accused of assaulting a senior soldier, Colonel Hungwe. In May this year, Chibaya was arrested and held in filthy police cells at Mtapa station for almost a week. However, two weeks ago Hungwe disowned a police affidavit which stated that he had been assaulted by Chibaya.

Lawyer Reginald Chidawanyika of Chitere and Chidawanyika Legal Practitioners is representing Chibaya. He recently indicated that there was no longer any reasonable need for the trial to proceed.

“Chibaya should be discharged and we are making the application for that. It does not make sense for us to proceed with a case in which the person who is supposed to have been assaulted by my client says it’s not true,” Chidawanyika said.

In an interview with The Zimbabwean, Chibaya said: "I am innocent. There is no need for me to be persecuted further," he said.

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