Illegal immigrants arrested

The Mozambican police have detained 59 illegal immigrants in various parts of the country. Many of these were from the Maratane refugee centre in the northern province o Nampula.

According to the police, “in the district of Nicoadala, in Zambezia province, the police detained six Ethiopians who being transported in a vehicle owned by the company Maningue-Nice”.

The authorities also arrested a total of 12 illegal immigrants in Nampula, of which 9 are Pakistanis and three Bangladeshis. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene when he saw the police approaching.

Mozambique is receiving an ever growing number of refugees and economic migrants. Some settle in the country whilst many use Mozambique as a corridor to get to the more prosperous South Africa.

In the first six months of this year, authorities in the northern province of Cabo Delgado received 5,324 applications for asylum. Most of these were submitted by citizens from the Great Lakes and the Horn of Africa.

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