Its your country: Get involved

Don’t be fooled

Please don’t be fooled by these Zanu (PF) chefs. Mugabe won’t step down, Prime Minister go on with your good work we will vote for you this is the only way. – Edson Nhidza in Rustenburg RSA

Clear insult

On September 16 on my way from Negovano ward 14 in Bikita around 7am at Nyika Growth Point the Zanu (PF) youth were all over harassing people, putting stickers and pictures of Mugabe and Zanu – a clear insult of human rights. How can we vote when our parents are being made to surrender MDC regalia in ward 16 and 14 Bikita? – Think again, RSA

We ran away

The Zanu (PF)s are crazy. We ran away leaving our families behind because of them, now they want to campaign abroad? To hell with them. – Nomsa, Joburg

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