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ZBC beyond reform

ZBC should just be changed to Zanu (PF) Broadcasting Corporation and then a new national station is formed. There is no room for reform at ZBC unless they retrench everyone because all the workers there have benefited from one or two things under ZANU (PF)’s programmes. Anonymous.

Take over parastatals

Air Zimbabwe, NRZ, GMB ko Upfumi Kuvadiki ngaitore these ailing parastatals. Vanongoda kune mafuta chete, which shows those talking about indigenisation are just trying to grab and destroy performing companies.

Great paper

Thanks for a great paper, and for resuscitating this column. Would you kindly renew the topic discussions so that we can generate debate here and shape our country’s destiny. It is our Zimbabwe. Proudly Zimbabwean.

Zhakata spot on

Zhakata puts it very rightly when he sings, Vamwe varanda vane mazano, anoteerera ndiye pasina ba”. Indeed the ordinary person in the street has so many constructive ideas for those in the upper echelons of power. It is just a matter of keeping in touch with those who voted you into power. Anonymous.

Tsvangirai on gay rights

I personally do not embrace gay rights, but Morgan Tsvangirai is right to express his personal opinion on them. At least he is more open, because I believe there are some many people in Zanu (PF) who support gays, or are actually gay, but they publicly denounce gay rights. Talk of hypocrisy. Anonymous

Tsvangirai is inconsistent. Yesterday he was talking about not supporting gay rights and this time he wants them. We do not want such an inconsistent leader. Anonymous

Take it straight from his mouth. Tsvangirai’s position on gay rights is a trivial matter that cannot be allowed to become a national debate. Likely Tsvangirai pointedly said, there are many other issues like unemployment, service delivery, economic improvement, which level headed people must start discussing. Go Morgan uri bhiza redu rinohwina. Anonymous

Gaddafi’s death

The way Gaddafi died is regrettable and condemnable under International Law. But this must be one lesson for all the dictators. If they continue to cling to power, they will face the wrath of the people and hell hath no fury like a people oppressed. Itai Henyu

Gaddafi’s death marks a new era in Libya. Congratulations to all the Libyans for standing strong against the evil dictator. Anonymous.

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