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Gaddafi’s death

Muammar Gaddafi did not deserve do be killed the way he got killed even though he was a dictator, her deserved a fair trial for all the human rights violations that he committed during his reign.– Anonymous.

The dictator in Libya is gone and we wonder, who is next? We will not say much, let us just give time its chance. Waiting.

Why do people celebrate death? It is very unAfrican to celebrate the death of someone even if he was bad. Let us not be overexcited and forget about our values as a society. Let Gaddafi rest in peace. Anonymous.

I do not care the way he died, neither I am I worried about who put the bullet wound in Gaddafi’s head. All I am thinking right now are the many people he killed when he was in power and the many Libyans who were oppressed under him. Let freedom and democracy reign in Libya. Anonymous.

Now that Gaddafi is no more, that is the real beginning of war in Libya. Will the NTC be able to control its trigger happy field soldiers? That is a legitimate question, which the world should sit down and discuss in order to find a lasting solution to the crisis in Libya. – J Manungu.

Rest in Peace Tongai

Ndinoti nenhamo dzabvumavaranda mhuri yekwaTongai Moyo. – Abisai Muringi Bvumavaranda Sahi Kamupfana kepaGokwe from Johannesburg, Kempton Park.

Tongai Moyo was a fighter and his legacy will live on. I call on all the Utakataka fans, musicians, music promoters, and other relevant parties to support Peter Dhewa Moyo. Kune Murozvi Mukuru, awiwa basa makashanda, RIP. Anonymous, Kwekwe

Sober up Biti

The Finance Minister should come back to his sober senses. He refused to increase civil servants salaries but goes on to splash $ 516,000 at Victoria Falls. Is it the only place where the MPs brains can think properly? Is this going to make any change or is it going to increase our budget deficit? Anonymous.

Rulers’ fear

To dig or not to dig bunkers, time is nigh. They will fall apart. Team failure: If Zimbabwean politics was democratic, the team would be a marvel. Muda, Harare

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