Man arrested for 'mooning' Queen

An Australian man has been charged by police after he 'mooned' the Queen during her royal visit to Brisbane.

Liam Warriner, 22, revealed his backside to the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, as they made their way from the airport into the city.

He is alleged to have bared his bum and wedged an Australian flag between his buttocks while running for 50 yards beside the motorcade.

Warriner, a local construction worker, claims that both the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh waved at him during his run.

On being released on bail, Warriner said that he had been dared to moon the Queen by his colleagues.

He told the Herald Sun: "I mooned the Queen. Everybody's seen someone's butt, come on.

"You see it on TV all the time, you see it in movies, it's accepted in PG-rated programming these days, but yet it's an offence to the Queen."

Warriner was charged with wilful exposure and public nuisance offences and is to appear before magistrates on Friday.

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